A Suite of Wealth Management Services

Archer Sports Advisory supports professional athletes with a comprehensive suite of wealth management services designed to secure their wealth and provide for their family’s future, sometimes for generations.

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Services We Offer

Personal Accounting

Excellence in personal accounting services that provide you with your complete financial position.  Accuracy and consistency in personal record keeping to assist you understand your financial position enabling you to maximise opportunities and strategies.


Minimising your tax burden through compliance and strategy to assist you maximise your financial opportunities.

Wealth Advice & Cashflow Planning

Knowledge and empowerment is at the core of every decision. Planning for growing and securing your wealth.

Business & Investment Advisory

The world of business and investment can be complex and confusing. Our highly skilled team provide unparalleled skills and expertise for your business and investment needs.

Asset & Wealth Protection

Anticipating future challenges and providing you with the plan to manage them through implementing personalised structuring, insurance and financial management tools.


Lending is all about strategy, structure and solutions. We find the perfect financier for your situation to maximise your opportunities.


A legal advisor who understands all of your affairs is critical to protecting your wealth. Our advisors assist you with critical decisions and through their experience maximise tomorrow’s opportunities.

Property Advocacy

Supporting you to make informed commercial and residential property decisions as part of your broader wealth accumulation plan.

Estate Planning

Your wealth and the financial future of your family is too important to leave to chance. We support you in building a strategy to protect both your wealth and your family.

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What Our Clients Say


I have been working with Tim for nearly 10 years and over this time have come to trust him as not just an accountant but as a mentor in the business space. I originally came to him as an athlete and he was very informed about the sporting industry and was able to offer me clear advice surrounding my sponsorships and sporting contracts. He is very knowledgeable and professional but has also made me feel a genuine sense of care, which is extremely important to me when trusting someone with my finances and personal information.

Erin Bell


I have known Tim for over a decade and during that time he has been a tremendous help in all things finance. Tim has great expertise in managing the most complex tax and investment matters and I have benefited greatly from his advice.

Tim is a great human with a high degree of integrity and is someone who I trust implicitly.


I started working with Tim in 2015, he has been helping me in every aspect of my financial and business life since that time. He helped me establish my business ensuring I reach all my goals every year.

Tim is always available when I need him and with his experience and impeccable professionalism, he assisted me to take my business to the next level. As a professional athlete you need people like Tim; people you can trust that help make you wealthier and your life easier.