How We Help Elite Athletes Build Wealth

Archer Sports Advisory supports professional athletes with our private office services that follow a simple process of plan – grow – protect. We help clients assess and understand their financial positions, explore their needs and goals, then create tailored solutions to support them throughout their sporting careers and beyond.

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“Professional athletes generally enjoy lucrative but relatively short-lived sporting careers. Planning for their financial futures is something that’s often overlooked – it’s common for sportspeople to overestimate their wealth, overspend, and end up in financial difficulty. In fact, according to the NBA Players Association, more than half of NBA players go broke within five years of their retirement.

At Archer Sports Advisory, we work with high-net-worth athletes and their families to help them take ownership of their money, plan for the future and keep track of their wealth. A smart wealth management strategy is a crucial step towards achieving financial security long after they stop playing.”

Tim Pullman, Archer Sports Advisory

Tim Pullman

Bespoke Wealth Solutions that Provide Financial Independence


Regardless of your priorities, every journey to a secure future begins with a plan.  We begin by exploring what money, success, financial security and wellbeing means to you. We take a comprehensive, balanced approach to tailor a plan that reflects your situation and aspirations, and puts you on the path to achieving your goals. As things change along the way, we’re right there alongside you, working with you to review and revise your strategy.


We’ll systematically evaluate your current position based on your values, objectives and life plan. From here, we’ll focus on growing the wealth you’ve already worked hard to earn, ensuring that you leverage this to achieve the success you deserve. You’ll gain a strong command of where your wealth has come from, where it’s best invested to achieve your goals, and the performance of the financial and non-financial decisions we’ve supported you to make.


You’ve worked hard to get to this point in your life – your success shouldn’t evaporate unexpectedly. As a professional sportsperson, it’s vital that you’re informed, organised and confident that your assets are protected. At Archer Sports Advisory, we implement proactive measures to protect your wealth by insulating it from unexpected and unforeseen events such as injuries. Our focus is on giving you peace of mind about your future and your long-term financial security.

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What Our Clients Say


I have been working with Tim for nearly 10 years and over this time have come to trust him as not just an accountant but as a mentor in the business space. I originally came to him as an athlete and he was very informed about the sporting industry and was able to offer me clear advice surrounding my sponsorships and sporting contracts. He is very knowledgeable and professional but has also made me feel a genuine sense of care, which is extremely important to me when trusting someone with my finances and personal information.

Erin Bell


I have known Tim for over a decade and during that time he has been a tremendous help in all things finance. Tim has great expertise in managing the most complex tax and investment matters and I have benefited greatly from his advice.

Tim is a great human with a high degree of integrity and is someone who I trust implicitly.


I started working with Tim in 2015, he has been helping me in every aspect of my financial and business life since that time. He helped me establish my business ensuring I reach all my goals every year.

Tim is always available when I need him and with his experience and impeccable professionalism, he assisted me to take my business to the next level. As a professional athlete you need people like Tim; people you can trust that help make you wealthier and your life easier.